An Artist & Jaguar walk into a bar....

Then & Now. An XJ-S narrative.

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My name is James Love.

We share a love for one of the most tempermental of cat species, the Jaguar XJ-S.

My fondest childhood memory was dad allowing me to steer his mid-80’s XJ-S.

As an adult, I have been an XJ-S owner for 15 years and counting.

I have been a frequent observer, learner and contributor to the various Jaguar forums.

I've been featured on Jay Leno's Garage with my modified 1989 Jaguar XJ-S.

I am NOT an expert.

In fact, half of the time I experimentally carry out a project only to learn along the way. 

I keep the desired outcome in mind until it works.

The following are my sentiments of the Jaguar XJ-S...

No car has captivated the right side of my brain & attention more. 

You may feel the same. 

The XJ-S has an inherently subtle aesthetic. 

"But it's no E-Type" they say.

Your right. 

It's not. 

It's better. 

It may not exhibit "sex" as overtly as the E-Type, nor would I want it to. 

Rather, it's a classy seductress that does take a more evolved mind to apprise it's timeless beauty.

Coventry had successfully encapsulated all of the charm & pedigree with the XJ-S. 

While it's no secret that automakers have drawn design cues from one another, the XJ-S detoured in it's own design direction.

It's bastardized buttress would later come to be appreciated. 

And we do.

It was a brave design, all the while adhering to its mounting safety-hurdles being mandated at the time in the U.S.

At first glance, the 5.3 Litre V-12 power plant was intricate by design. 

It's wiring resembled that of the space shuttle systems for those who aren't familiar. 

You may say it's a mess. 

I say it was ahead of it's time and brilliant.

A sophisticated engine for those with a sophisticated mind. 

The abnormally large V12 emblem sported on the rear hatch threatens other drivers. 

A witness of an XJ-S now becomes a victim. 

They struggle to hide their covetous feelings as the XJ-S graces them. 

A hypnotic magnetism commences within them.  

It’s presence felt long after it’s wake. 

Enough of my thoughts.

Why did I make this BLOG?

Because I truly love these cars.

You do NOT need to be a mechanic to work on your XJ-S. 

Do not be discouraged. The online Jaguar community is generally very helpful. 

Read my BLOG and take note of my trials and tribulations on various projects. 

I will only write about what I know and have tried. I will not speculate.

I established this as a basis for which to draw reference, and I hope by sharing, that I can help you succeed with your project.

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